Introduction: Creating an effectual email database is not an easy task. However, with Optin Contacts’ strong and trustable database email marketing will be a lot more lucid for you than ever before. Email databases are a set of information that is utilized for sending across electronic messages to customers, clients, and individuals.

Email databases give you an advantage of using technology for gaining sales leads and to harbor direct marketing.

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  1. How do you compose your databases?

Our databases are accumulated from varied sources:

  • S. Yellow pages
  • Daily utility connections
  • New business filings
  • Corporate websites
  • Press releases
  • User-generated feedback
  • Annual reports
  1. How credible is your data?

We go beyond the bounds of the industry norms and principles so that the data you are accessing is reliable and free from faults. We devote millions to provide verified information. Our team of researchers is equipped enough to verify the authenticity of the data before being delivered to the consumers.

  1. Do I need to register to use your site?

To run counts, you can access our website. However, to purchase and to avail quote, you are required to register with our site.

  1. How do I remove my business record from your database?

All our sales data and information is collected from public sources that are trustable. To erase your business data from our database please get in touch with us via our mail id that is mentioned in the website.

  1. How quickly will I receive my list?

You will be receiving the list within six days, upon Optin Contacts receiving your payment.

  1. How will my email campaign be delivered?

The costing of our email campaign services involves setup as well as the delivery of your messages.

  1. In what format will my list be delivered?

Our each and every mailing list is delivered electronically. Once we have your valid email address, the list is delivered instantly.

  1. What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

We believe in providing our customers with the best. Hence our business databases are the best ones available in the market. However, we also agree that no database can be completely perfect, as each year there will be changes in business organizations and designation and the consumers also changes. Having said that it is obvious that there is always room of database update, which we competently do.

We offer you 100% customer satisfaction. Your association with Optin Contacts will be fruitful in terms of receiving the most accurate information.

  1. What is the information that can be appended to the present customer file?

In case of business appends company name and address, title, contact name,  and gender; fax number; phone number;  SIC code, sales volume range; employee size range;  and website URL.

The given data can be added with consumer appends gender; phone number;  marital status; the presence of children; home value; length of residence; own/rent indicator;  location type; and income range.

  1. What is the turnaround time once my file has been uploaded?

As per the size of the file, the time of upload and processing might take a few minutes and can extend to some hours. For an enormous amount of orders, the time will be different. but it can easily be done with the assistance from our marketing teams.

  1. What will be the duration for completing my email campaign?

Majority of our campaigns will be accomplished within 2-5 days. However, this might vary depending upon several factors like email approval, list building, and design.


  1. I don’t have a design ready. Can you create one for me?

We can indeed create a design for you. Kindly look through our existing email templates as well as you can ask our experts to create one for you.

  1. What are your terms and conditions?

View our Terms & conditions, please click here!

  1. What is your privacy policy?

To view our privacy policy, please click here!

  1. What methods of payment do you accept?

Our payment methods include: wire transfer, PayPal and cheques.


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