Top 10 B2B Lead Generation Strategies According to the Experts

From prospecting to targeting and then from converting them into clients – B2B lead generation is challenging. Though you apply all the relevant metrics and use the most upgraded marketing solutions to connect with your prospects, you miss getting desired outcomes from your lead generation process. Being a marketer or sales professional, you might have wondered about the reasons behind this challenge often and a lot!

So, what are the reasons that B2B lead generation becomes difficult and how can you address them?

One of the major reasons is the nature of B2B data – 15 percent of B2B marketing data goes outdated monthly. This makes it extremely critical for marketers to keep their marketing database updated regularly. However, owing to the numerous amounts of data available, it becomes difficult to identify the authentic sources of data. Not deploying digitized ways of marketing is another reason that often leads to a slow process of B2B prospecting.

10 B2B Lead Generation Strategy that Experts Suggest

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Here are the top 10 ways for better B2B prospecting and lead generation according to the marketing experts:

Automated email marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has always been an effective tool for B2B marketers. Automating your email marketing campaigns can help you with better prospecting.

Bonus tip: Buying B2B email lists:

Availing B2B email lists can aid your automated email marketing campaigns to do better without any hassle. But make sure to buy these lists from authentic data providers so that all your email marketing messages always land in the right inbox.

Focus on Landing Pages

Landing pages hold the biggest opportunities to help you connect with B2B buyers only if you manage them the right way. From content to design and from infusing interactive elements to providing proper forms to fill in – it asks for a highly comprehensive approach.

  • Make sure that the landing pages on your website are well-segmented and easy to navigate
  • Give extreme focus to your lead generation forms that you put on these pages
  • Personalize these forms to match search intent
  • Align the content of the landing page with the form – optimize it well

Leverage the Power of Blogs

The blog and article sections on your website are not only the storehouse of information for your targeted audience, but it also has the potential to help you do a better prospecting. Follow these steps to leverage the power of your blogs and articles:

  • B2B buyers look for information. Embed your blogs and articles with the most relevant and credible information.
  • Authenticate your information with facts and statistics from reliable sources.
  • Address their challenges and pain points, and give them the most significant solutions.
  • Give headings, subheadings, bullet points to make the content more readable.

Effective CTAs

Call to action buttons plays an important role in prompting your readers to take an action.

  • If it is a landing page, keep the CTAs straightforward, simple yet enticing, such as Attend the Webinar, Get the Solution, Contact Us, Let’s Explore More, etc.
  • For blogs, articles, whitepapers, infographics, use CTAs that are clear, crisp, and self-explanatory, such as Download the Guide, Read More, Download the Whitepaper, Get More Insights, etc.
  • Focus on the color and font of the CTAs.
  • Place the CTA aptly and in such a way the readers find it easy to navigate through.


Webinars are getting popular these days – many companies are seen getting inclined towards it. This is an online conferences where companies bring together industry experts, key decision-makers, or marketing experts to discuss specific topics. These could be great opportunities for B2B professionals to gain knowledge, understand industry trends, network with marketers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers or B2B marketing influencers are industry experts, renowned speakers, or authors who could share your content on social media. This kind of marketing can help your organization to be established, connect with a larger audience, and gain more buyers.

  • Identify the people who can align with your brand voice or who are associated with your business genre
  • Collaborate with them for brand endorsement
  • Leverage this endorsement to increase social media following and improve website visits of your prospects

Whitepapers and Guides

The key to connect, convince, and convert B2B prospects into clients is to give them well-researched information – the information that could solve their challenges. Long-form content such as whitepapers and how-to guides are the best ways of doing it.

  • Segment your prospects based on their specific needs, challenges, and demographics
  • Create content for whitepapers that aligns with the segmented data
  • Add the factor of personalization to make it more apt for the readers
  • Give clear, crisp, and self-explanatory CTAs.

Tap the Inactive Leads

More than often, B2B marketers and sales professionals tend to ignore inactive or unresponsive leads.

Let’s accept the fact that though these leads are unresponsive to your marketing messages or emails, they have not unsubscribed from your emails or newsletters. This implies that they still see some potential in your services or solutions. So, why not give them the benefit of doubt and roll out another marketing campaign designed specifically to connect with such leads?

SEO to Increase Website Traffic

Though it is the most obvious aspect of effective B2B prospecting and lead generation, some marketers overlook its importance. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website rank higher, but the condition is that it has to be done the right way. Make sure that your SEO strategy focuses on these factors:

  • Optimize keywords for blogs, articles, and landing pages
  • Post informative and well-researched content consistently and strategically
  • Outsourcing it can always be a great idea as in-house SEO can be time-consuming

Guest Blogging

One great way to identify a new audience and connect with them is guest blogging. It is all about writing content and then posting it on other websites. Here are a few key points to remember when you kick start guest blogging:

  • Identify your target prospects and understand which websites they visit for information or solutions to their challenges
  • Creating great posts can be time-consuming, try hiring ghostwriters to do the job
  • Pay attention to significant keywords while creating the content

Final Words

B2B prospecting, targeting, and lead generation is not a mystery if it is done right – follow the above top 10 tips from experts and you can get the desired outcomes of your marketing campaigns.

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