Tips To Reduce Bounce Rates

Before we come to know about few tips to reduce bounce rates, we should know what bounce rate is. The percentage of people reaching your website but leaving the website without visiting any other page is called bounce rate. Google analytics will help you know the bounce rate percentage. The overall thing is your website is not getting visitors. The reason could be people coming to your website looking for what they really want and not getting or similar kind of services what they are looking for. The way to bring them from landing page to any other internal pages is the content, design of the website etc. Content plays a crucial role here. If the content is relevant and unique, surely the visitor will be interested in knowing about your brand. And the design of the website is also helpful in driving traffic to one’s site. Others major factors are like- Source of the traffic- here you can see the percentage of visitors, also who stick to your website and for how long.


Some great ideas to reduce bounce rates:

Add links to the content on the website. Consider content which visitors would like to read and then add links to similar content to your content. You can also mention there that “If you like this content, you would like this one too”.

Sometimes, you are buying or borrowing an outdated email list which could result in increased bounce rate. So before you buy one, always check for the latest updated email list.

Don’t focus only on product pages. Some may not be ready to buy an item, but rather they may very well need to know more about it. It’s always not about sales; you should also share more knowledge about the product. What are the customer reviews about the product, or other comparative thoughts?

Easy sign up can drive in traffic and less bounce rate. People find it too lazy to sign up if the form is complicated or loaded with a lot of information. Seeing a long sign up the form they might leave the website.

Sending out emails in a proper duration would keep a hold on the subscribers. It is not counted as a good practice to send emails very frequently or once in a year. Hence, sending it once in a month would keep the recipient engaged.

Optimizing the email for a mobile. When subscribers can access your emails on the go, why not give them an opportunity to sign up through it. To reduce bounce rate, this could be a good opportunity to get your customer from bouncing back.

Add links to the contents to your sidebar. Having a sidebar on the website would help increase the visibility of contents present on the side. It helps navigate easily. For instance, if a person is looking for more information about the company, he could easily navigate from “about company” from the sidebar. A well-designed template of the sidebar would be attractive for the visitors on the website.

If a person looking for some content visits the page and is unable to find relevant content, he will leave without even navigating to other pages. You could likewise have a “first time guide” to going to your web page, best content, most famous products, etc, all of which would pull in thoughtful visitors to your site.

Unique and relevant content. If you see the issue on some of your content isn’t only a high bounce rate and a less time spent by visitors on the site (which means individuals leave before visiting other pages), then it may be an issue with your content which might not be giving what the visitor is looking for. Make sure to inspect pages on your site with a high bounce rate and low average time and take a look at ways you could give more information that would keep guests on the page (like video) sufficiently long.

Regardless of the possibility that you can’t keep visitors on your site, one can do their best to guarantee they will return by providing them with links to all social media sites, through newsletters and other online channels. If the visitors start following you on Facebook or Twitter, at least one can think that the visitor could anytime return in future, this is better than having no visitor coming to the site.

People are smart enough these days to think before buying a product or service. After going through your product they would like to visit your website to check reliability and for further assessment. It is not easy just to set up a business with money and some information. But a full knowledgeable site sometimes cannot stop bounce rates completely. Yes, it can be reduced through using some of the above-mentioned tips. A proper showcase of a product, product information, utilization of Google analytics and some more tools can help one a lot.

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