The Power of an Email Marketing Subject Line!!!

Abandonment Hurts: Study the Art of Making killer Subject lines for Email Marketing

Best Email Marketing Subject Line

What’s common between a cheesy movie title, sassy news headline and a killer subject line for email marketing? Well, it attracts more than 50% people to check out the trailer/read the rest of the news/message in the mailbox. There is just one difference in the case of email marketing- cheesy lines might be the reason why the message reaches the spam folder. Admit it, you have been spammed and this time around, it is prudent to be careful.

Let’s get to the bottom of the power of the subject line and how it is connected to other elements like direct mail marketing and email appending service.  

What Email Subject Line can Do with Subscribers / Users

  • 47% of subscribers’ open based on subject lines
  • 69% of subscribers report spam when they see them!
  • 22% of people click if the subject is personalized.
  • 10% more people respond to the word ‘free’ when it appears in the one-liner.
  • 30% more people check emails on their devices.
  • Creative headlines do not sell, but indisputable facts do.

Whatever you write can make or break the entire communication. Hence, possessing extensive knowledge about the power of Email subject lines is essential. It will help in direct mail marketing traditionally or even when you purchase email addresses from a vendor.

Thought Behind the Email Subject Lines for B2B Marketing

It is difficult to read so many emails that bombard the mailbox throughout the day. Over here is a brief list to scan before we flesh out the details of their importance.

  • Seasonal Appeal
  • Offer breaking news about the industry trends that matter
  • How – To messages get opened as everyone desires help
  • Use the power of words – personalize them for better response
  • Communicate a teaser, not the boring detail
  • Sure, be short and sweet
  • Authentic numbers generate open rates
  • Pun it? Yes, why not? It works on the executive level too
  • Be real in communications
  • Get the ‘you’ in it organically

Get Acquainted with the Hall of Email Shame

Since many lines do not elicit any response, they should indeed never be resorted to professionally or personally. You may have composed it before to someone or seen some arrive in your own mailbox!

  • Friendly reminders
  • Do not open this email-this hoax has been done to death, literally.
  • Gentle reminder-killing it softly!
  • Too many punctuation marks – Like panic attacks and drama queen’s virtual lingo
  • Irregular capitalization-sure shot spam stuff, only to be deleted and rinsed even from the email appending service list
  • Re: XXX000 – this does not work anymore.
  • Thanks in advance – this is the height of being passive aggressive
  • Did I misunderstand – No more valid for conversions
  • Any updates? No recipient wants to revert back to this
  • As per my last email – So, what, I do not need any more messages from you

These points may give a fair idea about ‘what can work’ or ‘what will toss’ your carefully structured message into the trash bin. You will need thinking out of the box to stand out from the crowd.

Do Cold Emails Work with Good Subject Lines?

All digital marketers purchase email addresses from service providers periodically. When done correctly, the subject line is effective for a respectable open rate and also matches the CAN-SPAM best practices. Maybe this is also a wonderful way to get an authentic opt-in list and expand your database. In the case of B2B selling, it works well in several sectors. For example, if you have a company that manufactures and distributes medical supplies, cold emails might be a good proposition for even direct mail marketing. The best way to get them opened without breaking the CAN-Spam rules are:

  1. The subject line should be relevant to the content/message being sent.
  2. At the end, contact information should be available.
  3. The email headers should be correct and transparent.
  4. The personalized message scores are better.
  5. If a definite appeal is present, it makes sense to the receiver.
  6. Do not generalize the content but stick to being useful to the person the email is intended for.

With new rules, it is imperative to develop contact with the request for opt-in accounts. Adding an unsubscribe link is appreciated by the receiver. Purchased email addresses can be incorporated by the service provider so that the sender (marketing agency) is not at risk of its reputation being damaged. If you have received such a list, then the vendor has to provide a specific domain and IP address for authenticity. There should be a provision for blocking, blacklisting or de-listing if there are issues.

Purchased contacts should be cleaned on a regular basis. Often 2-3 databases are developed for different purposes (verticals, clients or messaging). Your vendor should be capable to handle email appending service before official communiques are dispatched. Each message should also start with the appropriate subject line that resonates with the industry practices and individual hierarchy. It helps in increasing and improving the open rates once you purchase email lists for the succeeding campaign.

Back to the ‘last words’ on subject lines!

Everyone wants to know if there is an enchanted formula or killer keyword that will matter and also guarantee that the email is opened. Nowadays people merely open their paid subscriptions. But for the marketer who is angling for attention, the challenge has doubled in the last few months.

There are many more factors that play when they send out messages. Right from cleaning the database, compiling a final list, appending different segments, and design are important. The details narrow down to the time of the day a promotional material is sent. But all this does not matter if the email is barely unopened.

Therefore, the subject line comes back to haunt. Naturally, there are not sure-shot formulas but what works comprises of a combination of triggers that can make people sit up and notice what you have to state. When you go back to the drawing board next here are a few things to highlight on the dashboard when constructing the subject lines.

  1. Employ words that address the pain points of the buyer persona. If you can resolve their problem, just write a one-liner in the subject. They will open it.
  2. If you are re-targeting some qualified subscribers, then mention things like ‘we have dropped our prices.’ They may feel inclined to connect. Make it personal if you recognize the recipient. Use the name of the person in the subject line.
  3. Be straight and honest. Begin by saying – ‘yes, we are asking you to order in bulk.’
  4. People want to upgrade or learn something new or a trend that is useful.
  5. Avoid shocking people with deadly and killer words. Medical marketers often scare their contacts and neglect business.

Closing thought: The subject line is the first and last impression people have about you, the company and the products on offer. Often a correctly placed joke can also break the ice!

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