Rebirth of B2B Email Marketing

The world of Technology has revolutionized the ways of marketing. The channels for marketers seem to be growing every day. It is inevitable a saturation point will soon be reached to all these platforms and overwhelmed users will start to tune out the unwanted content.

B2B email marketing has begun to see the effects of over saturation and a format that may soon be seeing shrinking returns. This is down to marketers bombarding users with emails on a daily basis. This has resulted in many users unsubscribing from lists as new email come in. There are many reasons as to why recipients opt out. The first reason being, there’s simply not enough time to read that many emails without spending a large part of the day to them. Consumers have begun to counteract this issue by ad blocking software. Many users have simply chosen to stop receiving emails that amount of ads in their inbox.

But today B2B email marketing is beginning to find its feet in this new era of technology. Marketers should learn to adapt to the demands of today’s technologies and users. It is important to create content that caters to the interests of their subscribers. There are four crucial drivers that are vital to the rebirth of B2B email marketing.

1. Inbound Marketing: These programs require a strong core of unique content on a marketer’s website, this content is used as a bait to draw new prospects and turn them into leads and ultimately sales. The success of this program depends on the ability to drive traffic, and email marketing is a key channel to do this.
2. Smartphone Generation: Long gone are the days of emails being opened on desktops. The introduction of the smartphones has revolutionized the was email marketing is done. Mobile friendly emails have been lagging behind for years. Now marketers are beginning to realize the importance of mobile-friendly content with optimized subject line and mobile friendly layout. By integrating these changes it is bound to increase the smartphone conversions.
3. More Control to Users: In the past marketers would do the email blast to users who have no interests in their company. These methods have a very low success rate. The best strategy would give the user the option of picking what kind of content they wish to read. This way the users knows what they are signing up for and there is a lot more success.
4. Information Overload: Since the subscriber has selected the topic. The information in the content can be loaded with information as it is the information they are looking for.
The rebirth of email marketing is bound to increase the competition to get the readers’ attention. With time there is going to more and more techniques to create a perfect customer experience. While this levels the playing field, it is important to go to the fundamentals of marketing and create unique, original and engaging content.

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