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Mastering The Art of Email Marketing During Festive Season

Here comes the festive season!! Christmas and New Year is fast approaching. While people are busy preparing to begin a blissful year with their family and friends; the professionals are busy reaching towards their customers applying various marketing strategies. Shopping has risen the total spending for individuals during the Holiday season. While the world has […]

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Calexit: What would happen if it comes true!

As Donald Trump is the winner in the Presidential election, masses from all over California resided to social media and advocated “Calexit” pretty much inspired by Brexit. “Calexit,” is the campaign that advocates the message of making California an independent country. The campaign has gone fervid after Donald Trump’s entry in White House. Yes California […]

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US Economy under President Donald Trump

Finally the Presidential Merry-go-round has ended and Trump is Victorious. It has been an eventful election campaign filled with drama, scandals, and debates to name a few. Against all odds Trump has managed to pull off one of the biggest upsets in presidential election history. It was not an easy road for Trump as he […]

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6 Halloween Marketing Tricks of Trade!

The holidays are on way. On the other hand, businesses have already kicked off several email campaigns and no more waiting for month of November. To step ahead of this holiday time competition, smart businesses should take their marketing initiatives much in advance. This regards Halloween as an exuberant starting point for the 2016 holiday […]

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Rebirth of B2B Email Marketing

The world of Technology has revolutionized the ways of marketing. The channels for marketers seem to be growing every day. It is inevitable a saturation point will soon be reached to all these platforms and overwhelmed users will start to tune out the unwanted content. B2B email marketing has begun to see the effects of […]

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Disney in Talks to Acquire Twitter

It has been a roller-coaster of a week for the Social Media Giants Twitter. There have already been reported interests in the acquisition of Twitter from the big players such as Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce. The entry of Disney should not be underestimated as they have the capabilities to match the asking price. All the […]

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Marketing Predictions for the Upcoming Days!

It might sound like an interesting task to do, but predicting marketing trends and future is really a tough nut to crack. In 2010, the idea of content marketing was at the periphery. A year back, small numbers of marketers were operating account-based marketing. At present, so many are considering ABM as the next massive […]

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How VMWare paved its path from go-to market strategy to solutions based!

VMware, a well-known software MNC aimed at cloud computing and virtualization, has currently met with an age-old predicament that many IT companies have witnessed. The business methodology was focused on developing and selling software packages. They utilized traditional product establishment process, and the packages were prepared and marketed as products. The overall portfolio consisted of […]

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Email Marketing as a Channel for Customer Relationship

In this era of information age, it is not easy to build a successful customer relationship.The way exchange of information takes place every second via social media has made a lot of marketers heart pounds faster. In this junction, the question regarding the relevance of email marketing is a pretty recurrent one. Is email marketing […]

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7 Benefits Of Content Marketing That May Change Your Perspective

As Steve Jobs once said, “ a lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” As per a survey conducted by eMarketers, you gain 73% of your businesses from your unique brand content. The other 41% of businesses are acquired by reviews and user-produced content. At present, we […]

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