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7 Best Email Marketing Tricks of Trade in 2019!

With many years of speculations that Email Marketing would get banished or fade away, however, that has not yet taken place. Rather, email marketing continues to be one of the most valuable methods of getting perspective and retaining customers. As millions of public worldwide glancing through their emails daily, one can influence audiences via mobile […]

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New Job Roles with the rise of AI in Email Marketing

Contrary to the often- heard doomsday critiques that robots will supplant human workforce, the research firm Gartner predicts that Artificial Intelligence may actually help in creating a greater number of jobs than it’s expected to eliminate. By 2020, AI will be probably generating 2.3 million job roles, surpassing the 1.8 million that it will eliminate, […]

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Optimizing Email Marketing 2018

Being as a prime marketing channel, email isn’t going anywhere. In a very recent survey by DMA, around 75.8% of marketers revealed that they are utilizing more email than they were three years back. In actual fact, as indicated by a report from Statista, the global email users have been predicted to expand from 3.7 […]

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Loopholes in GDPR

Privacy protection is a key element of customer confidence and a pillar of sustainable digital business development The GDPR is the new set of regulations aimed at strengthening the data protection for every single individual within the EU and despite the Brexit, UK companies are still going to be significantly affected by its execution. Evidence […]

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What does AI mean for Email Marketing

A.I. in terms of marketing is all about automating basic errands that enable us to free up a greater amount of our time to be effective, strategic, and less iterative. There’s nothing extremely artificial about it. It’s all related to time saving and improving work processes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning were featured as […]

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Does Gaming Increase Productivity of Employees at Workplace?

Video games perhaps top your list of recreational items. Whether be at workplace or at home, video games are a must. As per recent surveys, about more than a billion people play video games on a regular basis may it be at workplace, on personal computers, smartphones or at gaming consoles. If you like to […]

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Marketing Complexities

This Brochure will enlighten you with our dedicated services and reputed clients portfolio. Get the first glance of our insights through the brief write-up! ● Improve marketing efficiency through an easy-to-use platform that includes webhooks, live chat and libraries of templates. ● Engage buyers by delivering personalized messages across multiple channels that take into account […]

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Three Different Approaches to Abandonment Emails in the Travel Industry

Travel is one of the world’s biggest enterprises, contributing US$7.6 trillion to the world economy, as indicated by Statista. Around 1.2 million individuals traveled universally in 2016. Let’s Discuss the Abandonment Emails in the Travel Industry. With a great deal of rivalry and a vast potential market, it’s fundamental to discover powerful approaches to achieve new […]

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Why Your Email Campaigns Aren’t Getting The Responses You Desire?

Feel like you’re not getting the most out of your emails? Well, you are not the only one thinking alike, with only 41% of organization respondents rating their email campaigns performance as “good” or “excellent” (Econsultancy Email Marketing Census, 2015). This features a significant room for email marketers to get better results advertisers to accomplish […]

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Guidelines to Run an International Email Campaign

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