Marketing Predictions for the Upcoming Days!

It might sound like an interesting task to do, but predicting marketing trends and future is really a tough nut to crack. In 2010, the idea of content marketing was at the periphery. A year back, small numbers of marketers were operating account-based marketing. At present, so many are considering ABM as the next massive shift in marketing.

Honestly, a huge section of our upcoming days will be monitored by the trends and technologies that are not in farthest dream, as of now.  Envisioning what the future holds is still a big thing to aim as it includes the effects of past and hypothesis of what is on the way in future. In this process, we build up a definite vision on the trends, which is valuable enough of monitoring and the initiatives we need to adapt to step ahead of the competitors.

  • As the ad-blocking technology is really growing a lot, brands that are too dependent on paid advertising to harbour leads and steer revenue could end up meeting similar fate. As per Pagefair and Adobe’s 2015 Report on Ad Blocking, globally 198 million people are currently blocking ads. So in this scenario, how can marketers avoid it?

In an ad-blocking era, the brands that will be the winner are the one that will create captivating marketing campaigns for their loyal existing customers and for the new ones.  The whole campaign should be from the loyal clientele — via reviews, referrals social comments, and content amplification. These kinds of “advertising” will always be safe from the wrath of ad-blocking mechanism. And, it instantly creates authenticity.

  • Just like HubSpot and Salesforce have wholly changed how marketers and sales reps approach their jobs, a significantly new edge of marketing technology will make over how marketers advance customer engagement post-conversion. In place of manually persuading and monitoring post-conversion actions, marketers will depend upon a technology platform that binds everything and allows tracking, influencing and measuring the right attitudes at scale.

This aspect of technology is being referred to lot of things such as advocate marketing, referral marketing, customer relationship marketing, and many more. However, the level of adoption and intrinsic nature will heighten up in future.

  • In the times when many marketing institutions and companies are so much having faith on a multi-platform lookout, it’s expected that one of the major challenges marketers witnesses is effectively harmonizing those marketing solutions. As per a report by Dun & Bradstreet and Informatica, 52% of marketing leaders quote the intricacy of binding technologies as the toughest obstacle to marketing technology project.

At present, the finest marketing technologies are developed with amalgamation in mind. If, for example,, you run a major apparel brand, your eCommerce platform, CRM, marketing automation, payment systems and referral marketing software, must be integrated to share data and communicate with each other instantaneously. This not only nullifies issues over siloed data, it directs to better analytics and superior ROI from each and every marketing technology you utilize.

So try out every little bit of marketing tactics to be on the top.

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