Marketing Lessons To Be Learnt From Donald Trump

Whether you like him or hate him, Donald Trump has always been in the spotlight. He is very confident of what he says. Despite his controversial talks about women, people voted for him. It only means getting attention from the audience even if one is speaking or doing negative.

If I don’t win, I’ll consider this a total and complete waste of time”- Donald Trump

Sometimes he spoke things which were influential. The quote above is such an example. He has always had the drive to win at any task. Participation trophy is not an option for him.

  • “Participation Certificate” is not an option, Winning is everything: Children are taught that participation is important, even if you don’t win. But Trump has changed the concept. There’s no place for the second best thing in marketing. For example, if he comes up with a plan to make a hotel, he’ll make sure that it’s the best one there and not the second best.
  • If you strive on appealing everyone, you will lag behind: It is hard to please everybody, except Trump figures out how to do it without fail.  Social media gives the opportunity to connect to those people specifically and compose significant remarks about the comparable field, any brand advancement through the ad campaign. There is no assurance that the ad campaigns would work. But if it is executed in the right way, it yields the desired results.
  • Be confident, be better: Trump without fail has been exceptionally positive about what he does or says. In the event that he is certain about accomplishing something, he winds up doing it. When you have enough certainty and you begin each day with positivity it’s considered winning, nothing can keep you away from succeeding.
  • Just do the opposite and enjoy the limelight: When we are advised not to accomplish something and we do that, we are for everybody’s consideration. When everyone was going right, Trump took the risk and decided to go left. He did the invert things. People even gave negative remarks to his work nevertheless, he continued doing his job. Utilize the open door diversely and see the outcome.
  • Solid branding strategy: Branding your product and services will help you in establishing it in the early stages which allow you to get a large audience. When you plan a unique strategy you tend to draw attention towards yourself. Hence, before launching get ready with an attractive strategy to stand out.
  • Carry out paid advertising: The main point of advertising is to capture the attention of the audience. Trump’s idea was to sustain the place by organic campaigns or paid campaigns. Check out the stats here:

According to Times Study, Trump’s earning during the campaign was $1.898 billion worth of media attention from television, print, and social media, whereas he had spent only $10 million on television advertising, accounting for half of one percent of the total value of his media attention.

“When you give, you get them to do whatever the hell you want them to do.”- says Trump

These were some valuable marketing lessons which can be learned from Donald Trump. The paid marketing brought him in the online spotlight since the free publicity and rallies helped him in offline campaigns. The adverse effect of his speeches made him famous. Even the hatred of the people worked in his favor. According to marketing guru, David Meerman Scott

“The best marketer has been elected President”

When comparing Trump’s and Clinton’s analytics of social media, Twitter analytics of two months showed that Trump got 40 million mentions whereas Clinton got 26 million. Across 3 social media sites, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram there are 25 million followers of Trump compared to Clinton who has only 17 million. Since Barrack Obama arrival he started using the social media for political marketing and it worked. People were engaged seeing the tweets or posts he did. The tradition was followed by Trump too. Only the difference lies in how they used social media. Obama’s points were always positive whereas Trump used sarcasm and negativity in a healthy way and used it for his benefits. The results were open to all.

A four-word slogan “Make America Great Again” gave Trump a number of voters. It had a viable message behind it. Other people used different slogans for a different audience. His was same for all the time.

Both Political and Commercial success come from people who urge to know your point of view or your brand. These conventional and nonconventional approaches give good lessons for marketers and their brands. So do look up to Donald Trump for more marketing strategies.

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