Is Global Technology The Future of Healthcare Marketing Industry?

Approximately 90% of the total U.S population already owns a wireless device.

Fitness technologies

Machines have taken over humans and dominated them. They are able to do the most routines works which we humans used to do.  The better the technology, the more humans are becoming dormant. People have stopped being active rather lazy they used to be in the ’90s.

Facts show that 50% of the young people aged 12-25 years are not as active as the 90’s youngsters used to be. Well, in the past kids and young people actively participated in sports then. Now people are busy sitting back home or in the office. The human body does not get the opportunity to exercise. Eventually, that results in a gain of calories and gradually more health issues.

Fitness trackers are in trend and getting very popular among the youth. They are a good way to track the progress of your fitness. For the ones who are into athletics, it might sound needless, but it can be a competition for you.

The fitness trackers are available in the market. The ones who own these trackers are of the 1st generation where they can track heart rate, the steps you have walked, distance covered, calories burnt. But we need a solution to issues arising due to more calories or high cholesterol. The 2nd generation fitness tracker has it all. They will give you a better understanding of the fitness level.

68 million smartwatches were sold compared to 50 million fitness trackers

How can marketers use it?

Have you thought if the fitness trackers also start guiding as to what medicines or measures we could take for a particular issue? Won’t that be a great help? Marketers could assist tech companies here. They can use it as collaborating with those kinds of technology companies and give feedbacks. They could tell what measures and medicines to take.

There are many challenges in the healthcare industry like the affordability, the quality, access to it. This inconsistency happens because of income and geography. Mobile technology offers assistance to most of these challenges. Fitness trackers are connected to mobiles via Bluetooth. Health-check applications, health check devices, remote patient examining is improving the health care services. These technologies have made connectivity easier for the ones who need healthcare from the providers.

When you have fitness trackers among your friends, you can have a competition like who’s walking more, who covered more distance and so on. This will increase more of social activity. It motivates you to stay fit and active.

A survey said 45% men and 55% of the women are using the fitness tracker.

So for marketers, one good point is to have a strong hold on mobile marketing. It will help marketers to analyze how effectively to reach the customers. We came to know from a source that 20% of people come to know about fitness tracker through their mobile device. When people use it, they share their comments and reviews on social media. Others read it and discuss it. Here lies another scope of marketing, social media. Promotion on social media is going to increase brand popularity more.

Fitbit, a leading brand in the wearable industry is growing year-on-year. But the market is changing every year, today it is Fitbit, tomorrow might be something new. So marketers have to be ready with new promotional ways. One size fits all approach won’t be applicable for all.

Some good things about fitness trackers:

  • It will encourage walking or running more than you did yesterday.
  • It can help you increase your daily activity by up to 25%.
  • Most fitness trackers have personal goals, tips, and workouts.
  • You can keep track of your exercises if you are doing it correctly.
  • Whether you workout in a gym, home or a park, it will stay along with you and give updates.
  • You can easily sync it with your phone and manage your records like heart rate, weight gains/loss, etc.
  • They can also find out the quality of your sleep based on the actions you do while you are asleep.

Fitness should be a fun element in one’s life. Give a start to fitness with a healthy friendly competition. Include your family and friends. Fitness trackers will help you do so. There are many kinds of trackers available now with so many different features. Once you have made it a habit, you’ll enjoy it. Make it your 24/7 friend.

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