Instant Ways to Increase Your Followers in Social Media

Social media without followers is nothing. It undergoes lots of efforts to acquire followers with promotions. Hence, when they create a social media account they easily get fans. Sometimes, it becomes frustrating to look for genuine followers, likes, mentions or shares. There might be some way out to this frustration. Below are the Instant Ways to Increase Your Followers in Social Media.

Before we start discussing increasing followers, we should be ready with the business pages on social media accounts. Put up a profile image (most people choose company logo), to the point description about your business, don’t forget to add contact details.

What is the peak hour of the day when there is traffic on social media sites? It is post lunch. A research shows 3 pm to 1 am is the time when there is more traffic on social sites. You might be thinking how to post midnight. But there is also a way out. You might have heard about scheduling. You can easily schedule the post in those timings and date when you are not available to post content.

There are ways to check out when your site has more traffic. There are tools like Google analytics, custom report assists you to do so. You will also be able to figure out which site will help you give more followers and you can utilize your time effectively. Another way is posting content on a regular basis. When your followers get to see regular content, they are likely to visit your social media sites regularly. The more you post the more people follow you. This makes you active and more interactive. But remember don’t post only promotional content, mix it up and post.

Another factor is posting positive content. It was seen that positive contents generate Curiosity, Amazement, Interest, Astonishment, and Uncertainty in the followers. Sharing positive social media messages will bring you more followers.

55% people expect that you respond to them within an hour. And if it is a complaint it bounces to 75% people. They expect you to look at their issue and resolve it. If you overlook it, you lose followers. They sometimes write negative reviews and will downgrade your brand value.

What happens when you respond to your customers fast?

  • 35% are likely to buy more of your products
  • 45% will share about your product with their friends
  • 30% will like your advertisements and talk about it
  • 40% are likely to spread positive word about your brand

Did you know that adding images to Facebook post boosts the engagement level up to 3x times? First thing is regular posting. Secondly, posting images will give a rise to organic reach. If you don’t want to spend a penny on adverts, go for image sharing. People don’t read generally written texts. Some find it boring to read a long content. So how would you convey your message? Yes, writing a short text in that image and additionally write some content.

These days slowly it’s getting difficult to gain followers, likes etc on Facebook. Posting a short video related to the content will give a better reach. Not only Facebook but other social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn have also given the opportunity to post videos.

Bulk posting in a day will make the followers run away. Don’t post everything thing in one flow. Posting at a certain interval will make anxious to know what’s coming up next. So take the advantage of scheduling and schedule some posts at intervals for days, weeks or months.

People get very much attracted to offers and additionally when they have freebies. 35% take part in the competition and 30% do so to get freebies. Create a competition for the target audience and this campaign will show its magic. Add social media sharing buttons to the content so that when they are shared it is seen by other people in your friend list.

Hiring a social media manager will decrease your burden to look after social media sites. When business trends have started emerging on social media, why not social media manager manage all your social media accounts? Try picking up topics which are trending and are related to your business. Trending topics brings more followers and engagement.

Starting from the scratch? No issues, these data is enough to help you with reach more audience, more social shares, and eventually more followers.

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