How VMWare paved its path from go-to market strategy to solutions based!

VMware, a well-known software MNC aimed at cloud computing and virtualization, has currently met with an age-old predicament that many IT companies have witnessed. The business methodology was focused on developing and selling software packages. They utilized traditional product establishment process, and the packages were prepared and marketed as products. The overall portfolio consisted of 60+ individual products that were sold out separately. The marketing campaigns and messages were conjured to support each one of the product segments autonomously.

The company has quickly spread his arms apart from traditional marketing. It has focused on technology advancement, a succession of acquisitions, and has strengthened its sales strategy.  Additionally, VMware was carrying out a role what other software companies have been doing — focused on creating an extensive portfolio of unique products, and gaining them all a license.

The four steps that changed the whole marketing dimension for VMware:

Organizational configuration across Sales and Marketing- A critical step was to form a solutions marketing team that would have an independent range of activities and objectives to concentrate on.  They acquired new hires for the solutions marketing team and will bring some fresh and cross-portfolio point of view. The expectation from the team was not only confined to solutions marketing but also to function effortlessly across all the departments of the organization. The initiative included sales enablement, product marketing as well as regional field teams.  As a major section of their goals, they ensured that the principal stakeholders utilize similar taxonomy solutions and are worked accordingly to support the endorsement of new themes and solutions.

Create real solution sets out of discrete products and services- November 2010; VMware was stimulated to adopt a new viewpoint — the product perspective vs. customer perspective. By obtaining deeper insights of the customers’ exact hitches, mainly business level issue, they identified the product and service necessities and accordingly integrated with the leading solutions. When the integration was done, it provided three discrete capabilities: Infrastructure & Operations Management, Virtualization of Business Critical Application, and an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. The whole thing was a huge step towards re-organizing and amalgamating human assets and technology to recognize more pressing customer problems.

Plan the offerings of solutions to the professional who are primarily concerned and accountable to deal with the business issues that are impacted by VMware- As soon as the marketing team was confident regarding the reformation of solutions suite they highly focused on the other main pain points. This directed them towards a newer, senior-level set of contacts that include VP and C-levels. The scrutiny was made to understand the functionalities on how they operate, their information sources and how and whom they influence.

Craft and execute the Go-To-Market strategy- Refurnished offerings of solutions and specified set of target audiences, the company then integrated the go-to-market plan.  This comprised of a few key elements: thought-provoking leadership on the prime solutions scenarios.  Creation of theme-based marketing communication. Acquire demand via a re-equating the push and pull marketing schemes. Establish a channel that supports direct sales and nudges various ways of selling approaches.

Given that the team of Marketing has gone for this alteration and modification, they have demonstrated extraordinary agility, quick decision-making, and a concentrated focus that driven them from the initial days of ideation of forming new solutions offerings to the sales force and deliverance of goods.

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