How should you run your 4th of July Marketing Campaign?

It is that time of the year when you could see celebration, fireworks, barbecue delight, beaches, flags and a lot more. It is the 4th of July, the nation’s birthday which is the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776.

Americans are all set to pay out big on this day. They might expect amazing deals, offers, discounts or content from the marketers. It is now up to them how they are going to deliver these things. An average American spends approximately $300 on merchandise including $30 on fireworks. The sale of these things has risen up 50% every year and is still going up. Every year the marketers and the audience look for some new ideas. So have you planned for your marketing campaign yet? If not then what are you waiting for, get set go with few of these ideas?

We have accumulated a few good ideas, perfect for all kind and all types of business. They are simple as well as will yield outcomes.

  1. The flag color

    The three colors of the American Flag -Red, White, and Blue are important for all that you want to accomplish for the campaign run on or before Independence Day. Demonstrate your patriotism online by underscoring them on your online social networking posts and email campaigns. Stock up on Fourth of July products, revamp your store or office and after that display everything via social networking media for your visitors and customers to see.

  2. Customize your content

    Each huge occasion is a chance to accomplish something other than what’s expected with your marketing. It’s additionally your opportunity to be not so much genuine but rather more inviting – don’t let it go. In any event, make a custom picture for the majority of your dynamic online networking channels to post on the Fourth of July. Be it any kind of business, you should not make it a fuss. Create a unique and themed content and let your customers see if it’s relevant.

  3. Do some themed Email Marketing

    Motivate your customers for the celebration ahead by sending an email. Refrain from being extremely promotional and rather, concentrate on being useful – either with a tip, formula or salutation to an occasion. If you have promotions running already, make sure it’s terms and condition of the offer is clear and it’s easy to join.

  4. Photo contest on social media

    This is one of the best Independence Day marketing thoughts that are effortless to put into practice. During this weekend you can recommend your customers to take photographs and share them with you. Host a challenge and light up your online networking profiles with energetic selfies from your clients. Pick a hashtag for the campaign and combine it with bringing around ones for considerably more deserving. Make the terms and condition very clear to avoid any confusion. Only for this event, you might need to make occasion themed cover photographs for your online networking channels with the campaign hashtag on it. Offer an incredible prize for the most deserving or most creative photograph and basically let your clients supply extraordinary content and drive the engagement for your brand.

  5. Trending Hashtags

    Utilizing famous and related hashtags develop the duration of your business via online networking media channels. Using your content effectively will help your business draw numerous more customers in the midst of an even after the event is over. Try to utilize trending hashtags and in case you’re facilitating a photo challenge, utilize yours as well. For instance: #independenceday #4july #redwhiteblue #fireworks etc.

  6. Promo codes

    This is standard practice for any important occasion regardless of everything it works truly well. Be urged to make it more unique than normal, however. If your product range is huge, color coding discounts could work for you, e.g. 20% off on red ones, and blue ones get 15% off. Or, on the other hand, you can just connect with your current clients and help them to remember the considerable referral program you have – a straightforward email will do. If you are not able to bring the service cost down, offer free deliveries. Your Independence Day marketing effort ought to be greater than your regular promo, particularly if you generally deal with U.S. clients.


Summer accompanies a series of occasions. Memorial Day is trailed by Father’s Day, and later comes Independence Day.

This is a decent time for small businesses, yet marketers need to create increasingly new promos to get customers’ consideration. Repeatedly conventional marketing practices are not the only thing.

Most promoting exercises are run of the mill for any occasion: appropriate suggestions to customers about your determination and offers, customers’ online networking challenges, unmistakable promo approvals, facilitating offers, and so on. You have a great opportunity in your hand as another holiday commences, you get a chance to wow your audience. Your campaign is a very powerful tool and on this occasion of Independence Day, gives your audience a star treatment. This leaves a long lasting as well as the positive impact of your brand and the way of presentation. Try not to shy away from these proven thoughts, yet remember some extra tips to change the marketing effort.

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