How critical is Email Delivery

Introduction to Email Marketing

Marketing via email can be termed as email marketing but there are few more advantages that add to it. It enhances communication in the business, increases your target audience, it is also cost-effective, etc. But how does it work probably could be your next question? We should be thankful for the email marketing software that made easy. It assists you in creating partitions which could be based on several factors including when the data was collected, what the customer’s like or dislike, and other related criteria. Then the emails are created and sent out to the target subscribers. Wondering what to write in that email? Your company details, product or services, newsletters, active campaigns or offers or what they have requested. Make sure it looks convincing and less promotional. This would help build loyalty and will also endorse trust.

The email marketing software allows you to stay in touch with your old customers while adding new ones to the list. It helps you in tracking the metrics of the campaign and even the ROI. So you see how effective it is and is also a time saver. You just have to be loyal and regular with the subscribers and you are done.

Key factors of email marketing

  • Hard bounce- A hard bounce is the failed conveyance of an email because of a continuous reason like a non-existing address.
  • Soft bounce- A soft bounce is the failed conveyance of an email because of a small issue, similar to a full inbox or an inaccessible server.
  • Open rates- when a recipient opens an email out of the total number of emails sent. The average open rate analyzed in 2016 was 25%.
  • Unsubscribe- To opt out or unsubscribe from an email list is to choose not to get emails from the sender by asking for the removal of your email address from their list.
  • Click-through rates- the total number of clicks on the campaign divided by the total number of views on the campaign.

Now when you know what bounce rate is, you should also know what the factors that affect bounce rate are.

  • Pop-ups, surveys, music and videos
  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Audience type
  • Design of the page
  • Emails, newsletters
  • Page loading time
  • Motive of the page

After all this, you need to proceed to improve your bounce rates. The reason for bounce rates could be people coming to your website looking for what they really want and not getting or similar kind of services what they are looking for. The way to bring them from landing page to any other internal pages is the content, design of the website. Here are few more we are discussing.

  • Add links to the content on the website
  • Using the key marketing jargons
  • Writing unique and relevant content
  • Reducing external links from the page or opening them in a new window

Importance of Call to action

Call to action (CTA) button is provided on the page or a website to the users to take action like buying a product, download, article or blog reading or could be sharing a piece of content on the social media platforms. In digital marketing, a call to action button can simply be a link with anchor text. You can place the call to action anywhere within a website where you want your users or readers to complete a task.

  • There is surely some call to action that you can’t resist the urge to click and the “free trial” CTA strategy is one of them. There’s an approach to adjust the client’s needs and complaints that’ll help you increment your conversion rate.
  • Don’t make your customers wait for a long time. That is the reason, in case you need to develop your online business, you must guarantee that your client service is working.
  • If you make your call to action message so as to make the desire in your prospects to know what’s more behind this CTA button, they’ll be all the all set to click and you will get a lead.
  • Generate curiosity among the customers; they will always look for what’s coming up next in the brand or a particular product.

Rate of conversion

It is the number of customers who have completed the transactions divided by a number of people who visited the site. The landing pages with a conversion rate of 11.50% or more are considered ideal. An average or a good conversion rate results in 85% of the traffic on the top 10 landing pages when searched in Google. So if you have not yet started to optimize your conversion rate, you still have enough time to improve.


To know how effective the email marketing was, the email needs to be delivered at the right time and right place. And for that, you need to work on various aspects like crazy subject lines and a relevant content. Undoubtedly, some emails will bounce back but that should not stop the flow of marketing. Email marketing works wonders if delivered effectively.

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