Email Marketing as a Channel for Customer Relationship

In this era of information age, it is not easy to build a successful customer relationship.The way exchange of information takes place every second via social media has made a lot of marketers heart pounds faster. In this junction, the question regarding the relevance of email marketing is a pretty recurrent one.

Is email marketing going to stay? Of course, it will. There are a lot of wrong thoughts that are floating around us that the social media has replaced email marketing. However, this is not true; rather email marketing is used more than ever before. Email marketing being pretty cost-effective is still held as the most preferred channel for personal interaction. According to Direct Marketing Association, Email marketing can highten up your ROI up to 4300%, if executed properly.

Have you ever noticed that a social media account registration still asks you for a valid email ID? The reason is simple, email is still the best mode of communication, all you need to know are the tricks to make it a successful one.

Modus Operandi of Email Marketing!

Data is the fundamental need for any strategic business planning, if you are not keeping an account of your customers’ contact details, you are missing out a lot of valuable data. It is of huge importance to keep a record of your customer’s choices or preferences. So be alarmed, that data is a responsibility and should be treasured as an asset to your organization. It assists you in gaining exceeding business results and marketing usefulness.

Here are the few ways of utilizing email marketing to build a loyal customer base:

Segment and Customize: It is a fact that the consumers have become much more aware of their choices and are very selective about their e-communications. That’s why we have permission based email marketing in this age when customers are flooded with numerous emails per day. In a study, it has been shown that segmenting emails can fetch you better click-through rate. The purpose of keeping your email segmented helps you sending across tailored messages that will strengthen the bond between you and your clients.

In today’s generation of ad-hoc messages, very rarely you will find a recipient opening mail that lacks rationalization. In fact, the emails that lack the recipient’s name goes directly to the spam folder. So convey your message with a touch of interpersonal communication and familiarity should be an aspect of your email.

Engaging and Useful: Content ideating might be a tough nut to crack, but if it is done effectively then you are bound to see some good revenue generation. In the case of email marketing, you need to be prudent about what message you are conveying, as this will determine your brand value. The tone of your content should be prominent and fit for existing customers as well as for the customers you are targeting.

Always keep in mind that while you are sending a mail it should add valuable perspectives about your company. It is not always about the offers and discounts, but also about the information and insight you provide about the industry trends and much more.

Utilize your database to come up with an effective content. You should capture an aspect that your customer will enjoy the most. The objective should be creating brand awareness, communicate your company’s personality in a compelling manner.

So, next time before you get jitters about how to go on with customer relationship, rely on email marketing. The competence of email marketing has defied the test of times. So when someone reads your email you have to display your whole world of business to them. Let us know your experience in harboring customer relationship!

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