Email Marketing 2019: Current Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

Email Marketing:

Email marketing can be one of your most grounded channels for ROI and gaining customers. The more knowledgeable you are about email marketing and its best practices, the better outcome you’ll see. Email marketing is an intense mechanism to request your audience to draw in with content and to maintain leads in your database alongside the purchaser’s journey. Let us Discuss the Email Marketing 2019 Current Trends and Challenges.

If you have really no clue how to make utilization of this capable marketing tool, you may have a concern and a fall flat. There is no correct stream for email marketing as it comprises of all the arranged procedures – so keeping in mind the end goal to be effective in email marketing, you ought to take a look at the current trends, the opportunities, and challenges faced in 2019.

Read about the Latest Email Marketing 2019 Current Trends and Challenges

Current Trends:

  1. Data-driven marketing will run the show: Information science is making email marketing more brilliant by driving better automation and personalization. 2019 will be the year marketers concentrate on the care and boosting of their information-driven marketing.
  2. Payment through mobile into inboxes: Email has held its place in the land through the rise in mobiles. With over 68% of messages being opened on mobile phones, we know email and mobile are always involved. The forecast is that the rise in payment through mobiles will move forward toward inboxes in 2019.
  3. Email design will get revolutionized: Developers, designers, and content writers will cooperate to build up the design they need to use in their campaigns, or email providers will drift from their code and give sets of designs with the significant content piece.
  4. There will be an advancement of marketing automation: Sending the right email to the right person at the right time is the key to email marketing. We’ll see more alternatives to tweak mechanized campaigns with things like highly developed segmentation and time enhanced sending so we’ll have finish control over not exactly what our message contains, but rather who will get it and when.
  5. Incorporate customer’s behavioral information: As an ever increasing number of buyers welcome brilliant device into their homes and lives, marketers are presently aware of more buyer use information like consumer data usage, applications downloaded, or games played. Behavioral information is remarkably profitable to marketers since it gives data well beyond what static information can give.
  6. An email address won’t be sufficient: The esteem is not in the email list (like we used to state), it is through the list. In the past marketers attempted to gather loads of data when somebody signed-up or joined a list.
  7. Email KPIs will go the past opens and clicks: beyond the click, marketers can now utilize devices like Google Analytics to cover the ROI of email promoting efforts, without having to difficulty assemble custom email links and content to get these bits of knowledge.


Leads are too precious to just let go because of a miss in an opportunity. Some email marketing opportunities you might be missing out.

  • Make sure you stay in touch with the previous subscriber and not forget them as they are not making any purchases.
  • Remind your subscriber about important dates like the completion of one year of their purchase or joining the list.
  • Sending out the same mail in a different format or a different design can boost up sales.


Where email marketing is considered as an effective way to reach the audience and increase ROI, comes along some challenges to overcome. We have listed below some:

  • An incredible approach to reducing producing time is by taking a look at your present email work process. Automation tool can help you in saving time.
  • Realize what your subscribers like, be it one call-to-action (CTA) or content in each email you send. Following up is best practice! Take the results you accumulate and execute them over every one of your campaigns. Keep them engaged.
  • Nobody wants to get a boring or uninterested email. An ideal approach to neutralizing this is the point at which you’re composing an email, compose like you’re conversing with one person rather than 1,000 individuals. Email personalization doesn’t harm, either.
  • Let’s be honest: coding is tedious and can be the most distressing part of creating an email. Nothing to worry; there is a solution to all problems. It’s not magical, it’s not difficult: its email automation.
  • At times repurposing your content for an email takes up additional time then you might want. Imagine a scenario in which you simply need to create it once and afterward consequently implement it into an email.
  • Sometimes a simple effort while creating an email campaign can have the most impact. Each email you send ought to have a desktop and mobile design, and the mobile design ought to be upgraded for mobile from time to time.
  • Analytics are critical and being realistic they’re the best way to demonstrate if something is really working.

Email marketing will always be alive. It’s just that you might not be using it properly. It is correct when implemented correctly. Sometimes despite the proper format of a campaign, the subscribers don’t read your mail. The reason could be the content is not that appealing, call-to-action is not up to the mark. So from next time when you think of an email marketing, make sure it affects your business.

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