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Should You Add Email Marketing To Your Marketing Plan?

A set of work performed from the time of production to the point of consumption in the marketing industry is what we call Marketing Channel. It comprises of a certain marketing process. It’s a reliable fact that in 2017, similar to each year, marketers need to get the ROI from the money spent in ad […]

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How email appending works?

What is email appending? The way of merging a database of client data that needs email addresses for the clients with a third-party database of email addresses trying to manage the email addresses with the data in the original database. A classic email appending condition includes a business that has a name, address and contact […]

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Mastering The Art of Email Marketing During Festive Season

Here comes the festive season!! Christmas and New Year is fast approaching. While people are busy preparing to begin a blissful year with their family and friends; the professionals are busy reaching towards their customers applying various marketing strategies. Shopping has risen the total spending for individuals during the Holiday season. While the world has […]

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Calexit: What would happen if it comes true!

As Donald Trump is the winner in the Presidential election, masses from all over California resided to social media and advocated “Calexit” pretty much inspired by Brexit. “Calexit,” is the campaign that advocates the message of making California an independent country. The campaign has gone fervid after Donald Trump’s entry in White House. Yes California […]

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Rebirth of B2B Email Marketing

The world of Technology has revolutionized the ways of marketing. The channels for marketers seem to be growing every day. It is inevitable a saturation point will soon be reached to all these platforms and overwhelmed users will start to tune out the unwanted content. B2B email marketing has begun to see the effects of […]

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