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Instant Ways to Increase Your Followers in Social Media

Social media without followers is nothing. It undergoes lots of efforts to acquire followers with promotions. Hence, when they create a social media account they easily get fans. Sometimes, it becomes frustrating to look for genuine followers, likes, mentions or shares. There might be some way out to this frustration. Below are the Instant Ways […]

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How Alibaba CEO Jack Ma transformed the e-commerce industry

In 1995 he learnt computer. It was the web which drove him to begin his own business. Before starting Alibaba, he ran a small business like China Yellow Pages and a translation company and confronting disappointment. He chose the new business name as Alibaba, a familiar name and easy to spell. “The Internet belongs to […]

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How critical is Email Delivery

Introduction to Email Marketing Marketing via email can be termed as email marketing but there are few more advantages that add to it. It enhances communication in the business, increases your target audience, it is also cost-effective, etc. But how does it work probably could be your next question? We should be thankful for the […]

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Tips To Reduce Bounce Rates

Before we come to know about few tips to reduce bounce rates, we should know what bounce rate is. The percentage of people reaching your website but leaving the website without visiting any other page is called bounce rate. Google analytics will help you know the bounce rate percentage. The overall thing is your website […]

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Which Social Media platform is perfect for B2B Companies for a Paid Marketing Campaign?

Today there are over 3 billion people using internet and 2 billion of them are active on social media. When social media was introduced, no one had really thought that it would benefit people in their business. It was considered as a trend only for the entertainment of kids. Over time it was all proved […]

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Marketing Predictions for the Upcoming Days!

It might sound like an interesting task to do, but predicting marketing trends and future is really a tough nut to crack. In 2010, the idea of content marketing was at the periphery. A year back, small numbers of marketers were operating account-based marketing. At present, so many are considering ABM as the next massive […]

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How VMWare paved its path from go-to market strategy to solutions based!

VMware, a well-known software MNC aimed at cloud computing and virtualization, has currently met with an age-old predicament that many IT companies have witnessed. The business methodology was focused on developing and selling software packages. They utilized traditional product establishment process, and the packages were prepared and marketed as products. The overall portfolio consisted of […]

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Email Marketing as a Channel for Customer Relationship

In this era of information age, it is not easy to build a successful customer relationship.The way exchange of information takes place every second via social media has made a lot of marketers heart pounds faster. In this junction, the question regarding the relevance of email marketing is a pretty recurrent one. Is email marketing […]

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7 Benefits Of Content Marketing That May Change Your Perspective

As Steve Jobs once said, “ a lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” As per a survey conducted by eMarketers, you gain 73% of your businesses from your unique brand content. The other 41% of businesses are acquired by reviews and user-produced content. At present, we […]

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