Calexit: What would happen if it comes true!

As Donald Trump is the winner in the Presidential election, masses from all over California resided to social media and advocated “Calexit” pretty much inspired by Brexit. “Calexit,” is the campaign that advocates the message of making California an independent country. The campaign has gone fervid after Donald Trump’s entry in White House.

Yes California Independence Campaign focuses to vote on a 2018 ballot which, if approved, would get California a level nearer to legally splitting from the union. In this given situation, if #Calexit comes true, that would place California as the world’s sixth-biggest economy, ahead of France as well as India, as per 2015 data from the IMF.

Let’s see what would happen if Calexit takes place?

If California leave the union, which is indeed a lengthy process it might takes years even after the state election of 2018 for California to supremely vote to measure their effort to become a free nation, then it will be sister country to US.

As far the internal discussion is concerned, Californians might choose the kind of democracy it settles for via a range of elections, as per group’s blue book. The nation may conjure up a complete new system, which seems like it would modify and alter life in a lot ways, which is bit contradicting to the campaign of Yes on California.

Rather than paying taxes to the federal government, that would be preserved in the state by the Californians. Yes California envisions increasing California’s budget by those tax dollars by “hundreds of billions of dollars,” witnessing the rolling out of federal tax payment has been more than what they have received since the year 1995.

Adding to this subject, The Golden State’s farms and ranches scrapped up $47 billion in terms of crop revenue in 2015. It conjures over a third of the nation’s vegetables and two-thirds of nuts and fruits that places California on top of the agricultural industry in the whole country.

It is being speculated that the ever-increasing agricultural could hypothetically boosts California’s economy post- secession. The campaign aims at investing and utilizing the earning to improve California and to bring more technological transformation. The few focal points would be- transportation infrastructure, environmental conservation also road maintenance.

As the campaign becomes flooded with new area of interest, subsequent to the massive emotional outburst in political history, the campaign Yes California is expected to go through lot of test of time. Its Facebook page has witnessed a double amount of “likes” since 8th of November and has undoubtedly gained social media momentum.

True that the inquisitiveness might increase or might just fade away, it is upto the group supporting and advocating Yes California campaign to go beyond social media platforms. Also, the campaign needs to have a proper social and economical mapping to make their demand of free nation a legit one.

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