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Boost your website with Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Channels: Add the X-Factor to drive more Traffic

This blog offers tactical insights to select the most appropriate digital marketing channels to promote your website. It will shift your vision and perspective to place a part of the limelight on technical aspects to accelerate page speed. However, have you considered the existing website as a prime marketing channel?

Without an effective website, diverse digital marketing channels may be unable to improve the user-traffic. Often small business owners lack the vision to develop a website with a robust online presence. While on the other hand, new marketing and technological trends compel us to explore the best ways to reach out to customers.

Visitors Desire Information

A company’s official website continues being the prized possession that offers the most reliable information on products and services. Its mission and commitment towards serving the customers are clear. Continuing to treat it as the primary channel to drive traffic and business is frequently lost in conceiving impressive designs for browsing the pages. But is all the information available to encourage the user?

Let’s focus on the core website, it’s content and how it can bring business, even before we spell out the other ways to boost the organic traffic. Visitors come on the website to learn more about the business and how they can get associated with you.

While browsing if users are unable to extract the required information, there will be a disappointment and instead will move on to your competitor. A dedicated, impressive website should be a combination of design and information for the end user. A clear FAQ section, quick navigation, and upload speed will determine how much time the user will spend on the website to become your customer.

The other points that matter:

  1. The pages should offer explicit information on the business, fast selling brands, services & support and contact address to reach out.
  2. Before even thinking of the other online marketing strategies conducting an audit of the current website is advisable.
  3. There are automated tools like SEMrush that can detect the usage of the right SEO keywords. It is essential to remove errors, fix the crawling issues during the audit. You will also learn about the aggregate score relating to the crawled pages, thematic scores, warnings, and notices. Significant technical information on HTTPS, internal linking and performance are visible.
  4. A few users to rate the interface for loading speed, information, and navigation.

The above analytics will give an idea of the modifications and upgrades required for the website to be marketing friendly. This is an essential exercise that will offer deep insight into the challenges and changes to be made for other marketing strategies to work. Resorting to them will encourage your business and stimulate visitors to browse for a longer time with actionable results.

Digital marketing Blog

The way people shop, search for information and do business have evolved. The above digital channels will dominate trends in 2019. Promote your website through these popular trends which have proven results for many global companies. How successfully each method works is described below.


A consumer may choose to order products, use services or deal with others through multiple methods. He could walk across the road and buy medicine or even opt for online delivery for fast food or for an urgent gift purchase. Omnichannel marketing tries to connect the dots or fill the gaps. It brings the buyer and seller on a single platform. This method offers a uniform user experience and continues to engage buyers across channels.

Why this method could work for your website?

  1. A consumer buys online and offline. The purchase can be made via a smartphone or a desktop or even over the telephone.
  2. Across generations, notably, the younger ones prefer mixed media online to buy their personal stuff as they do not enter stores that often.
  3. Presently the consumers favor fast delivery. There should be an option to return products they do not like and preference for simpler payment terms.

Retaining these three points in mind, if your brand is available online and offline in multiple places, it increases visibility. In marketing the right placement works and adds to the sales. The visibility gives instant recall and not outright sales. But it is on the top of the mind of the consumer. The most visible places your brand should be ‘on spot’ include:

  • Facebook and Instagram ads – with links to the website
  • Amazon – It provides a relatable algorithm to push right products to buyers
  • Google multi-channel for voice search, availability and uniform user experience

 Personalized and Email Marketing

We all like to be addressed with a little bit of attention. Providing anyone an individual experience matters a lot and brings a whiff of loyally. At one time only the hospitality industry practiced it but now a similar kind of personalization has been adopted by other sectors.

Getting a direct response is one of the primary reasons why email marketing scores. It is an ideal way to persuade people to navigate your website. Due to the emergence of automated tools, sending marketing content to people has become complex.

  1. Autoresponders for buyers’ inquiries are common for corporate websites. A degree of personalization and response from the sales team makes it authentic. Interaction makes people feel someone is listening to them.
  2. The length of emails is shorter, but the call-to-action is bigger when the link goes to the appropriate landing page.

Visual Search via Mobility

While most businesses rely heavily on SEO and content marketing, a new era dawned in 2019. With the accessibility of smartphones, visual media has gained traction. The attractive images on Instagram and Pinterest have become harbingers for the digital marketing teams.

Which other better way could one get to make an impact. Images speak more than a thousand words. They tell unique stories and divert traffic to the website. Many marketers have begun to notice its worth. The medium is cost-effective and actually gives an idea of the brand being promoted. The latest method is to use the Google lens to create images of the products that assist the user in the right landing page.

Pay attention to Technicalities

Knowing the nuts and bolts of getting speedy landing pages can help the website to be more effective and offer multiple users a smooth experience. This is the X-factor, that can add more muscle to the digital channels you use.

When you improve the speed of the pages, it accelerates the traffic and also leads to genuine sales. Get your developer to understand this aspect to make the website a holistic marketing channel. As a website owner, you may not understand much. On your behalf, ask the developer to focus on the following:

  • A reverse proxy configuration for a strong ‘Backend support’.
  • Cache layers-TTL. Layering pages for this storage is technically useful for speedy landing,
  • To improve the hit rate, keep cache ‘on’ for the user or google bot. It helps in accessibility and continuous traffic.
  • The database should be responsive to slow queries. Optimized indexes bring good results for website promotion.
  • HTTP Headers – they are required to send resources before requests are made. Javascript is most useful in this case. Using lighter fonts are advisable.

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