Benefits of getting a Free Sample Email Database

People are still buying Email Database. What could be the reason? When you purchase an email list you have a hoping that your business will grow. Starting up a business and taking it to a progressing stage is the hardest things you will ever do. A fast and easiest way to generate income and ROI is buying an email list. Your email list is presumably your third most important marketing resource. You are the main, your site is second, and your email list is third. Do things in an effective way for the best outcomes. These are the Benefits of getting a Free Sample Email Database.

When you have an email database, it is completely yours and you have access to it. But the moment there are changes made on Twitter or Facebook like their security or user settings, the ability to communicate could be put in a weak position in a fraction of a second. You don’t need 100% of your right to be used by another person who you have no authority over it.


Pros of Email database

Growth in business– Buying a free sample email database is a fast and easy way to increase your business and revenue. Sometimes offering free sample email database will help you drive more engagement to your business and can also give some genuine leads. It is going to benefit by giving your business a quick push and the right track.

The growth of your email list– you don’t need to tell them to buy your email database. Once the customer needs a database and comes to know that you are giving out free samples, they would like to buy it. The only condition is that your services must fulfill their needs.

People are used to it– when you frequently send emails to the recipients, they get used to your emails. And they get attracted to subject lines like free sample email database. Sometimes this frequency pushes the customer away and they hit the unsubscribe button. But the free sample idea could work well sometimes. Once they get to know that you are offering a free sample, they would look forward to your emails and other offerings in future.

Easy to reach the target market– once you start segmentation of the email database it becomes easy to target the audience. You will know when, where and whom to send the emails. The correct message to the right person and at the right time would yield a better outcome.


Cons of Email Database

Too many emails will make you a spammer– even if it is a free sample database, no one would like to receive too many emails and that too very frequently. Frequent and unnecessary emails land in the spam folder or are deleted.

Brand reputation is at risk– You have worked for quite a long time on your brand image. You have treated your clients the correct way, included respect when possible, and assisted in the nearby communities. Because you have an extraordinary brand name does not mean you can purchase an email database and start blasting emails. This will roughly impact your image and it’s risky to your business.

The conversion rate is low– by the end of the day conversion matters. The conversion rate is important because it helps you focus on those marketing efforts that generate revenue. But sometimes they won’t convert to that rate which you require.

The ESPs could shut you down– sometimes the email service provider gets irritated of giving email databases. If you keep on purchasing email databases and not for a genuine reason they can shut you down. And then it is very difficult to turn it on.


Benefits of Free Sample

There are two reasons for offering free sample databases. One is offering free samples indicate that you have quality products. It makes other products and services look good. It is obvious that if you offer low-quality products then no customer will be interested in buying your database, even if it is free.
And the second reason is if t the market is already providing databases and you want to stand out from the crowd, giving free samples would give you an opportunity to showcase your products. And sometimes when it becomes difficult to describe your products, free samples help you in doing so.

1. Spread the buzz: it assists you in spreading awareness. As soon as people who are looking for it come to know that it is free sample they would like to buy it.

2. Shows your kindness: giving out free samples shows how kind you are. In return, you are not expecting anything. The customers use it for free and then decide whether to go with it or not.

3. Feedbacks: as it is a free sample, does not mean people will not give feedback. When they give feedback for free sample you have scope for improvement in your product and services before you release your paid database. Thus take feedbacks seriously.

4. Attract existing clients: sometimes recipients of your emails forget to re-subscribe or unknowingly remove from the list. So it can help as a reminder or just a free sample offer for the existing customers.

5. Publicity: Publicity always doesn’t go that great. Sometimes it will end up being just news. But this kind of publicity might work because you are giving out free samples. People who really need it will ask for it. Some might turn up to be a client or if you get lucky, a conversion too.

How to test it

The accomplishment of an email test can simply be expanded by testing. Testing should be possible by utilizing A/B split tests on the title, content, and invitation for campaigns, and so on. You will have the opportunity to analyze the open rates, click rates, and the purchasing rates and after that decide the winner among the campaigns and then proceed with it. Testing cannot give you a “correct” result but rather it will help you advance with the best performing form of a campaign.

Few Practices for Testing Emails Database:

By Email Service Provider– when you segment emails by ESPs, chances are that you would find similar categories or sub-categories. Make sure you don’t send emails to the same email addresses or email to the same person.

By Customer Behavior– customer behavior may vary with time. Their taste and interest may change according to the market trends. Stay updated with the latest segmented email list.

By Demographics– this information can be powerful for segmenting data. Suppose you do a business and you are sending emails to a person’s location where it does not provide service then nothing is worse than this. Geographic location can be an awesome variable from which to segment your lists.


Free samples are everywhere, then it could also be in email databases. Giving out free sample database can be tedious and not sure if it will give you 100% conversion. But gradually with this practice at certain intervals, you will see growth in your customer base and luckily conversions too. And you will find it worth.

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