8 Components of a High Converting B2B Email Marketing Campaign

High Converting B2B Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing, when carried out effectively can give your business a shiny edge over your competitors. Email Marketing Campaign for a B2B marketer is a simple yet powerful medium to reach out to customers, nurture them and finally convert them into revenue-generators for your business.

So what are the key components that go into making a successful email marketing campaign? Let’s take a look:

1. Consistency across marketing channels

Break the silos when you engage in B2B email marketing. Make sure to work towards spreading one single message across different channels. Customize content for each channel including email marketing, but in a way that it represents a unified message and clear picture of your brand.

2. Add a ‘subscribe’ button to your website

A great way to build your base is to have a ‘subscribe’ button placed on your website. The best practice that you can bank upon is building an exit pop-up which asks visitors for their permission to keep in touch via emails. This way you can grow your list of leads, build a rapport with your relevant market-base, pitch the kind of offers that can entice them to turn into revenue generators for your business.


3.  Jot down your B2B email marketing goals

B2B email marketing is not entirely about self-promotion but it’s more about building a healthy pipeline of leads that have the potential to convert into revenue-generating customers for your business.

Understand your customer’s journey and what they seek from your business at each stage. Start with building awareness, go on to instill trust, encourage them to take action and then ultimately convert them into revenue-generators and more importantly brand advocates. As per their requirements, use your email marketing campaign to provide the content that best resonates with them across these stages. A successful B2B email marketing campaign meticulously forms and norms relationships, and nurtures sustained engagement

Write your Goals

4. A great first impression

Getting your potential customers to click on your email is a real challenge, making the subject-line an extremely important factor in email campaign success. It’s always a good idea to stay away from run-off-the-mill subject-lines and indulge in creating exciting headlines which stand out and encourage users to click your email. Try A/B testing to get an idea of what makes your users click.

5. Maintain frequency and avoid random blasting

Your customers expect you to maintain a consistent schedule. Don’t annoy them by being haphazard in your approach towards sending emails. The success of a B2B email campaign much depends on how well you follow a content calendar that keeps context and frequency at the forefront.

6. When is the right time to send your email?

The time when you send your email very strongly impacts the click-rates. Thus be sure to do your research when it comes to deciding when the email blast needs to happen. Get hold of your analytics to get insights into when your B2B customers are most likely to click and open your email.

7. Is your email mobile responsive?

As we speak more and more of users are turning to their hand-held devices to check emails. Hence it’s integral for B2B businesses to create email campaigns that are mobile- responsive.  Test your email in multiple browsers and different-sized screens to make sure it looks great and offers a seamless experience regardless of the device.

Mobile responsive Email Campaign

8. One clear call to action

The whole point of an email marketing campaign is to encourage your readers to click and visit and take a particular action. So when you create your email, keep your objective in mind, and have only one call to action so that your readers know what exactly it is that they are expected to do. Putting too many calls to actions may only deviate your readers from the agenda and add to the confusion.

Email marketing when done right can be a powerful tool to grow your B2B business. Keep in mind the above pointers to create a strategy that keeps frequency, relevance, and content at the forefront.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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