7 Best Email Marketing Tricks of Trade in 2019!

With many years of speculations that Email Marketing would get banished or fade away, however, that has not yet taken place. Rather, email marketing continues to be one of the most valuable methods of getting perspective and retaining customers.

As millions of public worldwide glancing through their emails daily, one can influence audiences via mobile and desktop Email Marketing Campaign. This will also pull business for your landing page and perk up your rate of conversion.

You can considerably get a way to reach out to a huge section of consumers with email marketing, and the investment won’t be a burden. Creating an effectual Marketing Campaign is equivalent to the amount of effort you are putting to gain new customers, as well as, to retain the old ones. The whole idea of establishing your organization as a trusted and loyal brand can be done if you have a precise Email database.

Let us not wait, and unravel the 7 measures that you can take for improving your Email Marketing Campaign:

  • Utilize Urgency: To augment your rate of lead conversions, the urgency is most probably one of a kind tool that can be utilized. In a recent survey, it has been deduced that the human mind starts reacting more actively in a pressing time.

Urgency can be classified into two segments, scarcity-based and time-based.

Scarcity oriented urgency allows your consumers to know that there is not much left.  It gets people to crave more what others have already bought. But beware, not to say a false statement here when you claim that 10 items left when it is actually 100.

Time has driven urgency lets you inform the customers that a special price or discount is availed but for a limited time span. When utilizing time bound urgency, apply words like final days, a few hours, last chance and so on.

  • The Power of Three: Consumers want choices, however not many in numbers, this is the junction, where the power of three exists. Marketing professionals often suggest the power of three as it makes your marketing campaign lot more successful.

To apply the power of three in your email campaigns to advance your rate of conversion, schedule your email in between three days.  Let the number of listed items on the mail be three.

  • Make Use of Large Buttons: Avoid using linked text as CTA while carrying out email marketing. As the number of mobile and tab users are on a rise, use visually attention-grabbing CTA buttons. These given buttons must gain the readers’ interest and should gain him as a lead.  Experiment with various colors and shades to evaluate, which one works in favor of high conversion.
  • Customize Your Emails: Customization is truly essential. Prospects are majorly open to a tailored email that is specifically addressed with their first name.

You can raise your open rate with the help of customized emails. This is how you overcome the first challenge in getting a greater conversion. The second challenge is drawing the audiences to click the button for further action.

  • Use Video: In the light of quick and effectual communication, the video is topping the chart. Utilizing video for your email marketing is a marvelous way of boosting the conversation numbers. Indeed, in one research, marketers who utilized videos in their email campaigns witnessed a higher amount of click-through rates.

Take account of a CTA with each one of your video attached with the email to better conversion rates.

  • Attractive Subject Lines: Intelligent subject lines will turn out to be great if they are in synchronization with the content. Also make sure, about the CTA in the email, which should be in cognizance with the landing page. This will better your conversion rates provided you have all these in place: landing page, email content, and email subject line.

A good subject line will fetch you more users to your email marketing campaign. However, your email should convey professed content.

  • Resend Emails: Don’t feel hesitated before resending an email. Do resend emails to the recipients who had not opened it the first instance. Consider totting up a motive that provides them with a reason for visiting your website and to become a leader.

Always remember that just because they haven’t opened it before, doesn’t mean they will not open now. There is always a chance of obtaining a positive response in the case of an email marketing campaign.

Everyone knows 2018 was a difficult year for Marketers because of a lot of marketing trends and algorithm change. People were confused which Marketing trend would help them grow their audience and Business Goal. Marketors tried to Influence Marketing to build their brand and grow traffic to the website, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Automation also played a major role in the Optimizing website and the different Marketing Processes.

Despite so many marketing trends in 2018 Email Marketing still stands tall when it comes to Generate Quality leads for your Business. Let’s take a look at the scope and potential Email Marketing in 2019.

Conclusion:  Don’t give up, keep trying. Experiment with your email campaign layout, content and segments. For more help on acquiring Email list or Mailing list contact us today!

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