10 Mind Boggling Features of Email Marketing

Email marketing has always benefited the marketers for ages. It has come with new technologies and strategies for lead generation and higher conversion rates. There are so many benefits of Email marketing and if you want your business to have a right start you should start doing email marketing today. There are several valid reasons you can think of and we are going to help you with a few more reasons or signs why should you put in in email marketing.

In 2018 we have seen many marketing methods getting a better response in terms of website traffic and getting leads for the business. We saw the great hick in business growths for small and mid-size companies through Marketing campaigns, But the most shocking result we got from Email Marketing. While a lot of People were talking about the downfall of Email Marketing but at the same time, Email Marketing Campaign helped many Large scale companies like Oracle, Adobe, IBM to Boost the revenue in Q3 and Q4 of 2018. Email helps you connect with your targeted audience on a personal Level which no other Marketing method does.

10 Mind Boggling Features of Email Marketing

1. Large Audience

When you build up a business, you need lots of customers to use your product and services. You would use various techniques to build up an audience and they have to be genuine ones. Email marketing targets a large audience. And consumers are more likely to check their emails on an everyday basis. This gives many opportunities for you to increase the reach of the customers and interact with them. Take advantage of it and spread the awareness about the email subscription.

2. Accomplished ROI

ROI (Return on Investment) is a traditional way of marketing. When a business person or a marketer invests, they generally expect a profitable return. Investment has always been a matter of risks. And why would one want to go for a loss? Using the correct techniques and strategies you could achieve the desired ROI. These stats show that email marketing has an ROI of 4,300% (Direct Marketing Association). These captivating stats are proof that each and every penny spent is worth.

3. Measurable

It is so good to know that there are so many ways of tracking the analytics. From a number of opens rates and clicks rates and who shared on social media platform, email marketing platforms show all the insights to the success. When you are sending a direct email, you will not come to know if the mail was read or it went to the trash. Email marketing measures all of these!

4. Customizable

The email marketing sites have given us customizable choice when it comes to design and template. Now it’s not that difficult to design a template that would need to call a designer and wait for a long time. Coding on your own, developing or if branding guidelines are strict, you can create a template and customize according to what you require.

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5. Wide Reach

When you have a large audience the reach automatically rises. You can promote your brand and there are no limits for sending your emails, newsletters or company updates. They can be sent to all the desired audience and to anywhere. Only the difference lies in the payment options. For direct marketing, a bit more investment is needed depending on where it is to be sent.

6. Drive Traffic

Your business website is representing you on the digital platform to drive traffic online. Hence you can use Call to Action to promote your product and services and drive traffic from it. And now when you have options to measure the metrics why stay behind. Driving traffic can be done by using different techniques. Sharing on social media, email marketing etc.

7. Real-Time Interaction

As discussed earlier, Email marketing has given an option to reach out to subscribers in real time and interact with them. Suppose there’s a sale going on your site and want to promote it. Just send an email. If any event or campaigns are on and you want your customers to know about it immediately, you can just send an email.

8. Social Sharing

Social media has brought marketers and the customer’s one step closer. It has made direct connections possible despite being at distant places. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have made marketers life simpler. It has given so many options to reach out to the desired audience. For instance, Facebook and Twitter have given options to run a campaign and reach out to the audience.

9. A/B testing

A/B testing is another method to measure the metrics. It compares two variants from the campaign, sends it to the customers. Whichever variant receives the number of views is considered to be the winner, be acquainted with it by knowing how it works. Also known as split testing or bucket testing is a method to find out that between two versions of a website which one is performing better. There are two variants taken from the website and compared. The comparison is done on the basis of the statistics of the engagement. Both variants have similar users. The one with more conversion rate wins. According to the sources Kissmetrics and event360 respectively we came to know that your conversion rate could come down to 7% if the site speed decreases. And even President Obama on using A/B testing in his campaign raised $60million.

Email Marketing

10. Build Relationships

On the whole, email marketing also has one feature of building relationships with customers. When you have the desired audience and you are on a regular basis of social sharing, you tend to build relationships. But if you want to continue the same, you need to maintain it also to stay in a long run.

Email marketing is an ideal way of promoting products, services, and events to customers, business prospects. It has always shown great opportunities for marketing. There might be many ways to get ROI but email still provides the highest return on investment of any marketing channel.

When you talk about Email Marketing Campaign, the only thing that strikes in mind is how you are going to execute the campaign in the right order so that it reaches to your business audience. In order to do that we bring you 4 key Pillars of Email marketing:


We hope the above 10 reasons in this article would help you convince that investing in email marketing is worth every penny. For more Information and Facts about Email marketing in 2019 do Check our Infographics.

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